Membership is open to employees of international organizations, diplomatic missions and their family members. Those wishing to participate in the training have to be 18 years old or over.


CHF120 – 13 sessions of training courses for ITU employees


CHF180 – 13 sessions of training courses for non-ITU employees

CHF30 – 1 x Club T-shirt

Training schedule:

Tuesdays 12h – 14h (Regular training)

Mondays 17h – 18h (On-demand)


Gym room at the ground floor of ITU Varembe Building (visitors need to enter from ITU Tower or ITU Montbrillant)

International Telecommunication Union, Place des Nations, 1211 Geneva


White T-shirt or club T-shirt

Long pants or track bottoms

Sport shoes with flat soles

To enroll:

Please fill up this membership form and bring it with you during one of the training sessions.